How To: End a letter

End a letter

Not sure how to close an important letter? Convey a powerful meaning to readers by choosing the right sign-off. In this video, proper etiquette to close a letter is gone over.

You Will Need:
• A letter
• Sincerity

Step 1: Use loving endings
Show someone how much you care by ending with "Love," "Lots of love," "Much love," "Love always," or "Love forever."

Step 2: Use informal words
Use casual language to have your reader feel the warmth of your friendship. These include: "Hugs," "Write soon," "Your friend," and "Take care."

Step 3: Show gratitude
End with a thank you to show gratitude to your reader.

Step 4: Express best wishes
Express a positive ending by using "Best wishes," or "Wish you well," for a resignation letter.

Step 5
Express kinship with a closing such as "God bless" if you share the same spiritual beliefs.

Step 6: End a formal business letter
End a formal letter with "Yours truly," if you do not know the name of the person you are writing to.

Step 7: End a formal business letter
End a formal letter with "Sincerely," or "Yours sincerely," if you are familiar with the addressee, know their name, or spoke to them on the phone.

Step 8: Sign your name
Sign your name after the closing. Write both your first and last name if you do not have a personal relationship with the reader.

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