How To: Organize research materials for writing your research

Organize research materials for writing your research

Mary Silva teaches us how to organize and research materials for writing. First, copy and past all of your different references from the exact order that you wrote about them. A great way to help you organize all of these is to use notecards. If you don't want to do all that writing, then you can make your notecards on the computer! With this, you can make different notes on the bottom of the cards to help you remember things, as well as different citations. This is a great tool to help you organize everything you need, without having to worry about losing cards out of order. This will not only help you write your paper, it will also help you easily write down your references.

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Am concurrently exploring the researching and outlining process in parallel, didn't know that such a fabulous resource existed for rookie writers as well as those working on longer and more complex papers. Thanks for sharing !

thanks for helpful information!

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