How To: Finish the CNA Skills Test within the Allotted Time

Finish the CNA Skills Test within the Allotted Time

Step 1 CNA skills may vary from state to state.

Depending on your state of residence, the skills section of the CNA certification exam will consist of three to five randomly chosen skills.

Step 2 CNA skills must be finished within the time limit.

You will be given 25-30 minutes to complete all of the skills required of you. 25 minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but in actuality it is a sufficient amount of time to get your work done.


  • Exams have been failed due to students forgetting the simple act of raising a bed rail, or locking the wheelchairs. Despite of time pressure, don't forget to perform simple skill procedures.

Step 3 Practice the skill at home with a timer.

1) Hand washing (1 minute)
2) Blood pressure (1-2 minutes)
3) Respiration (5 minutes)
4) Pulse (1 minute)
5) Measure urine output (1 minute)


  • In most cases, these are frequently asked to perform on the actual exam. So better, practice it perfectly.

Step 4 Don't be too complacent.

It is improbable that there will be any combination of skills that will require more than the allotted twenty-five minutes. Perfectly practice the most difficult skill as well like modified bed bath and making an occupied bed skill -- this might be asked during the exam. It is better to be prepared.

Step 5 Stay focused and calm when doing the CNA skill test.

Don't rush – you should never rush. Instead, become more comfortable and proficient with the clinical skills, and your time will improve.

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