How To: Use quotation marks in British English

Use quotation marks in British English

How to use quotation marks in British EnglishIn this video we are about to see how to use quotation marks in British English. This is a very useful video because most of us confuse the usage of quotations and the meaning it renders. There are two forms of quotations single and double. A single quote contains only one inverted comma and the double contains two inverted commas. A double quote is used for direct speech or actual quotations. Whenever a person says something a comma is given and then starts the double quote. The punctuation mark involved must be within the double quotes. Whenever there is a usage of quote more than two lines it is usually intended and a line space is left before and after the quotations. When there is a quote inside a quote then the inner part is given single inverted comma. So the single quotes are given to represent a special word in a sentence or name of person, etc., and the punctuation marks are outside the quote.

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