How To: Get your official SAT score from College Board online

Get your official SAT score from College Board online

The SATs are a very valuable college entrance test and could determine if you're accepted or denied to your favorite university. So, once you've learned to ace the SATs and have already taken your test, get your scores as soon as they're out! Don't sit in dreaded anticipation— go to College Board and get your SAT test results now!

You Will Need
* Telephone
* Internet access

Step 1: Register for the test
Register for the SAT test online or by mail. Enter your school code into the appropriate box on the registration form to receive an official score report.

Step 2: Register online
Register for a "My SAT" account, even if you have already taken the test, at

Step 3: Request a score report
Request a score report on your "My SAT" account.

Step 4: Submit payment information
Submit payment information online for additional score reports that may incur fees.

Accounts through "My SAT" are only available for students one year after their class graduates.

Step 5: Call customer service
Contact the SAT Program customer service department to request old scores at 866-756-7346.

Older scores are archived and must be located by SAT Program customer service.

Step 6: Provide information
Provide a customer service representative with your name, address, test date, and registration number if available; any college program codes; and a credit card number. Good luck as you go forward with your education.

* The SAT test was created by Carl Brigham and was first taken by high school students in 1926.

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