News: 10 Big Ideas from TED 2010

10 Big Ideas from TED 2010

CNN has compiled a list of the best ten ideas presented at this year's TED conference.

"TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, is a nonprofit dedicated to 'ideas worth spreading.' TED2010 has featured speaker after speaker for whom their subject matter is their life's work. And not just on stage -- audience members are taking turns giving their own five minute talks on subjects that obsess them and volunteering their thoughts on a wide range of issues in casual conversations..."

CNN's list goes as followed:

  1. $60K a year can make you happy
  2. Save the world through games
  3. Anonymity promotes honesty
  4. We can end modern slavery
  5. Moral ideas are right or wrong, not both
  6. What we eat is really our chemotherapy three times a day
  7. The ukulele can stop war
  8. $28 billion mostly wasted on medical placebos
  9. Stop politicians doing stupid things that spread HIV
  10. Every eight days, the toll of a Haiti quake occurs around the world

Curious? I know I am.

Click through to CNN to read more on each idea or go directly to the source (TED's YouTube Channel).

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I blame Moot for #3.

He also created a bunch monsters. /b/ for example.

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