How To: Write a haiku

Write a haiku

In this video, Robert will teach you how to write a Japanese poem called a haiku. First, you will learn a bit about what a haiku is, as well as its structure. A haiku is a poem with three lines: the first is five syllables long, the second is seven syllables long, and the third is five syllables long. You will learn that haikus can be about anything; there is no standard "rule" to follow involving what you write. It doesn't have to rhyme, and it can be about anything, even thoughts. During the second half of the video, you will see an example demonstrated on the spot. Now you can write your own haikus.

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Very sorry. I strongly disagree. Haiku is very difficult to write. Listen to Alan Watts on youtube, if you really want to understand what haiku is about.

Just a short verse of 5-7-5 is not haiku.
Form is important, but content all the more.
The haiku foundation has some great instructive vids as wel.

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