How To: Make your school reports or papers look longer

Make your school reports or papers look longer

This subtle trick will lengthen your school report without your having to write a single extra word. Learn how to extend the length of your papers with this simple video. You will need a paper and flexible ethics. The trick is to enlarge the font of all the periods in your paper! Fact: If you have a 16 page, 12 point paper, changing the periods to 14-point will stretch the paper to 19 pages!

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good trick..also edit line spacing and instead of double space(2.0pt) increase it to 2.3211pt and you should pull an extra page or two easily..adding more low digits after the decimal will increase it..mess around till you get what you like..combined with this trick on the video you should be well on your way to fooling those gullible professors :)

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