How To: Make a working bibliography in just a few steps

Make a working bibliography in just a few steps

Making a research paper is a lot of work. To keep a reference is not easy. Here is a good method:
You will need:
- Patience
- 3" x 5" index cards
- Patience
- Writing Pen
- Patience
- References
- Knowledge on citing references
- Patience

- Highlighter
- More Patience

If you follow these steps, you'll make a working bibliography.

1. Write the author's name on the bibliography card et
2. Write the title of the bibliography
3. Write the place of publication and publisher and date of the publish
4. Write the number in Roman numeral at the left top corner
5. Write the library number to help you can easily find the book next time, such as QD 305 C3B47


1. Write the comments: such as usefulness and topic

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