How To: Make a basic paragraph

Make a basic paragraph

This technique can be used to write answers for a question asked in the exam or can be used to write a paragraph while applying for a scholarship or while writing a brief letter. The main thing to be considered while writing the paragraph is having an outline, all we need to do is prepare an outline before starting the paragraph. First write the "main idea" that is to be delivered, then the main idea should be supported with additional details, there can be two to three additional points to support the main idea, and the additional points should have a main outline and should consist of reasons telling why the outline is important, clearly explaining the outline will enable the readers to understand the main idea. Secondly an outline helps you to think of supporting details for the main idea; an outline will also helps us to put the details in an orderly manner while presenting the paragraph. All the steps explained in the video will definitely help one to write a paragraph in a professional manner.

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