How To: Citing sources for your research project

Citing sources for your research project

When doing a research project it is very important to not only cite the sources you use to give proper credit but to also cite them correctly. To cite information sources:
- Go to citation machine and select MLA (you will see options for both print & non-print sources)
- Select what type of source you used (book, CD ROM, web page, print encyclopedia, magazine, etc.) and fill out all the information you can.
- Hit submit and it will bring up a gray area.
-Copy & paste gray area onto whatever document you are using (ex. Microsoft Word) and make into a works cited page. (make sure that if it goes into more than 1 line you reverse indent by entering and hitting tab.)
- Alphabetize all your sources
To cite images:
-Go to google and search image
- Click to view full size image
-Right click on image and a menu will pop up
-Select properties and it will open up and element properties window
- Hi-light location and copy & past onto works cited document.
If you follow these simple steps you should end up with a great, organized, and proper works cited page.

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