How To: Avoid plagiarism

Avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism in some schools and universities is major offense and can even get you kicked out of school all together. Plagiarism occurs when ideas or words that you advance as your own have actually been taken from other people. In this video, learn how to avoid plagiarism and make the words you write, your own.

You Will Need:
• An original text source
• Notebook or note paper

Step 1: Use quotation marks
Place quotation marks around any phrases or words you borrow directly from another source.

Step 2: Paraphrase
Attribute any ideas you take from other sources to their originators. Rephrase in your own words, but mention where they came from.

Step 3: Keep notes
Keep your own ideas separate from those of others by taking notes as you read.

Trivia: Plagiarism comes from the Latin plagiarius, which means "kidnapper."

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