How To: Approach questions on SAT passage section

Approach questions on SAT passage section

Eva Holtz shows us how to approach different types of questions on the SAT, in this episode from Brightstorm. The different types of questions in the SAT Passages section include "Vocabulary in Context", "Line reference", "Whole passage", and "I, II, III, except, least, not" questions. Eva explains that the best way to approach Vocabulary in Context questions is to treat them like Sentence Completion questions. First, read two lines before and after the word in question. Then, it's best to capture the context with a word or phrase. In other words, substitute the word from the passage with a word or phrase you know, based on the context. Then, match your concept with the best answer choice provided. Be sure to visit Brightstorm to learn how to approach the other three types of questions!

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